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The OTRI was created in January 1989. The Spanish Science Law assigned the Technology Transfer Offices (OTRIs) responsibility to manage:

  • Contracts between the University and business relating to R&D activities (Art. 11 of the LRU (Universities Reform Act), current Art. 83 of the LOU (Universities Act).
  • European Union framework programmes (currently managed by the UV’s Oficina de Projectes Europeus de Recerca (European Research Projects Office, OPER).
  • The management of intellectual and industrial property (patents, computer programs, etc.).
  • Identification, cataloguing and dissemination of scientific and technical competences of the research groups of the UV (OCT-UV).
  • Encouraging transfer of results of university research (marketing efforts).

Currently, the OTRI, has evolved into the specialization of their departments and the professionalization of its staff in all these areas, and it has also developed a process of valorisation of research results, something essential to achieve more effective knowledge transfer.

In the last 10 years, public policy and social requirements have evolved research activity in universities and public research institutions to move towards more complex models of knowledge management. That it is possible, by generating research units and groups with a large critical mass and of a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional nature. This involves the adoption of specific management mechanisms that require expertise in setting up Public Partnership, temporary public-private associations for R&D, joint research units, a Campus of Excellence, the Science parks, etc. The UV OTRI is being the support of Vice-Chancellor for the governance and management of these new structural and management models.

The OTRI-UV is an ex officio member of the RedOTRI de Universidades Españolas (OTRI Network of Spanish Universities) created within the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and it has held senior positions in the aforementioned network as a member of its Standing Committee and most recently as Coordinator of the RedOTRI.

In addition to the functions and powers the University of Valencia has assigned to it, the UV OTRI actively participates in the design of “good practices” in university-business cooperation and knowledge transfer, and places itself at the heart of those forums which discuss and design the policies and instruments to promote technology transfer. It collaborates and coordinates publicly-funded projects to develop methodologies, tools and management practices in areas of responsibility which focus on various productive sectors. On the other hand, UV OTRI participates proactively in international activities with other transfer office networks in Europe and Latin America, such as PROTON Europe, the Curie Network, the Vitec Network…

The values of OTRI are the following: commitment to service, flexibility and personal attention for customers, both internal (teaching and research staff) as external (companies and institutions).