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What we do research?


The University of Valencia carries out its researching activity in several areas of knowledge. The results of this activity have applications in a wide range of social and productive sectors. Information relevant to businesses and institutions with regard to the scientific and technological capacity of the University of Valencia is made available and transmitted to the greater socioeconomic community by its Oficina de Transferència de Resultats d’Investigació (Office of Research Results Transfer, OTRI).

Catalog of the UV Scientific and Technical Capabilities
Capabilities Catalog of Scientific and Technological Research groups UV. Organized by subject areas.

Patents and other R+D Results

R+D Scientific Resources
The UV is a pioneer entity in Research and it is equipped with an established infrastructure that consists of Laboratories and central Services provinding support services to R&D activities developed both in public institutions and businesses.

Sectorial Dossiers
Catalogs published by the Universitat de València, where you can see the scientific offer according to specific business sectors.

Other catalogs
The OTRI ofers a set of catalogs produced by others and where the UV participates. You can check the offer specialized knowledge of our groups and research institutes in these specific sectors.

Research Institutes and Structures of Interdisciplinary Research